23 Jan




a long run

19 Jul

Hey there!!! Monday morning again.  Its a quiet one here in my house hold.  I’m sitting in my kitchen looking out to some gloomy skies, and i’m hoping some sun will peak through sometime this afternoon.  I’ve already enjoyed my cup of tea for the day, and i’m thinking of making some breakfast sometime soon.

How was everyone’s weekend??  I’d like to think mine was pretty good.  I didn’t have much work, so i was able to leisurely do what i like to do.  Saturday though, was dedicated to my long run of the week, which was a whopping 10 miles.  To some 10 miles is a walk in the park, to me though it was a little bigger then that.  The only thing that got me about the 10, was that last year when i was training for the half marathon, 10 miles was my longest run till i actually ran the half.  Now training for the full, 10 is considered a short run.  It actually cracks me up thinking about it.  How did the 10 go you might ask?  It went well.  5 miles out, 5 miles back.  Sis ran with me, and her an i were able to motivate one another.  Towards the end of our run though, she was struggling and so i just kept telling her its going to be ok an that we can finish.  We were about a mile from home, so i new she could do it.  Me motivating her, was also motivating myself, so i was doing double duty.  I was hurting and about to fall flat on my face too, but i had it in me to finish, and to finish strong!  You just gotta believe you can do it, and push the negative thoughts aside.

This week we have an easy week.  3,5,5,7.  After running 10 miles this past saturday and then having to do 7 come this saturday, its going to feel like a measly 3 miles.  Hopefully the heat won’t be so bad this week, like it has been in past weeks.

What does everyone have planned for the week???

The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.

Richard Monckton Milnes

a new adventure

10 Jul

Hey guys and dolls!

I know its been a very long while, which i’m very sorry about, but in all honesty there hasn’t been 2 much to talk about……until now.

If you remember last October i took a long 13.1 run, that i like to call the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  It was challenging, but one of the most amazing things i’ve ever done in my life.  When people say they get runners high, they aren’t lieing, its so true.  Well i’ve continued my runners addiction, and now i’m on the way to becoming a first time MARATHON runner.  Yes that’s right, i’m training for my very first marathon.  Detroit Free Press here i come!  My mantra is “Go Big or Go Home”!

This new chapter in my life is one that wasn’t a sure thing at first, but with the constant research, and support from my sister (who by the way is doing this with me) got me realize that i can do this.  I know its hard, and its not going to be easy, but its going to happen, and its going to be AMAZING!  I couldn’t be more excited to be training for such an event.  I’m already 4 weeks into my training, and coincidently enough i just got home from my saturday long run of 9 miles.  I won’t lie, it was hard, but It ended up being great.  There were a few times where i was able to get under some sprinklers, which really did help cause it cooled me down alot, but i could tell my legs were starting to hurt near the end.  I finished in about 1 hour and 44 minutes, which isn’t 2 shabby.

Anyhoots, I just want to stress to everyone that no matter what you want to do, whether it start a new job, go back to school, or even just to run 3 miles, You can do it with a little hard with and determination.  Without my sister by my side pushing me and vise versa, i know this would be hard, but her and i play well off eachother and that has really helped.  She is my rock and I would only hope she knows that.

To end i will note that i’m going to regularly update to track my training, an because you all ROCK!



13 May

Remember Me?

Lo siento for being MIA.  Lets recap a little here while everyone looks around to try and remember who I am.  The school year is over! YAY!!!!!  I have started my one and only summer class which happens to be my least favorite ESPANOL, but thinking about it, i rather get it done and over with and then have it out of the way.  No?  Yea that’s what i thought too.  Thankfully though, it’ll be over with June 28th, so not to much longer from now.  I’ve been enjoying more and more outside runs lately, except the last few days since its been really cold and raining, but next week will be better.  I’ll be running a 5k next saturday and i’m really excited about that.  Sissy and I are still toying with the idea of running the full marathon this year in Detroit.  Any thoughts??  I still eat salads like its my day job, though i wish it was, but its not.

I hate talking about myself, so i need to know whats been going on with everyone else?  Do tell!  Spill your beans!!!!!

Lately, i’ve been thinking of writing content.  I love to write.  Whether it be random, or about something specific, i enjoy it nonetheless.  I want to take my blog somewhere but i’m not sure its current state is the right direction.  There has been thoughts floating around in my head about perhaps starting something new, but i don’t really want to do that.  Not that i blog that much anymore anyway, but i still constantly think about my little space here everyday, and i wonder if anyone still really reads.  I can understand if you don’t.  I’m going to continue this brainstorm and hopefully come up with something great!

Thanks for reading!

Love you:)


17 Apr


Sort of a grey, dreary, and windy morning here in my neck of the woods!  I hope this weekend has started off on the right foot for all of my dear friends!  I have nothing really planned other then work and homework.  Its the end of the semester so i have ALOT of work that needs to get done.  Its CRAZZZY!  Talk about procrastination right?

So anyhoots.

I’ve been thinking lately about my summer plans and what i hope to fill these beautiful summer months with.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the Full Marathon this year, or just sticking with doing the Half again!?  Plans are not easy to make for me because i love living by the moment.  I swear the only things in my life that are actually concrete are my work and school schedules.  How do you live? By the whim, or do you have your days and weeks planned out weeks ahead??

Hope your Saturday is Wonderful!


the wish list

8 Apr

Hello Beautiful people!:)

Its a dreary day here in Michigan, but atleast its not raining (for the time being that is)  I hope everyone enjoyed my little vlogg from last night, it was totally done out of a whim, and i actually quite enjoyed doing it!

Sometimes i find it hard to decide what to write about, but half the time i just write about what is on my mind, and today thats no exception.  I have this mental wish list that i am constantly updating.  You might ask why i don’t just write it down, well half the time i’m never by a computer or have pen or pencil so i just make sure to write it down mentally.

So without further a do, lets start wishin!

1-  A trip to NEW YORK CITY! I’ve never been and so i would die to go and explore the city I want to some day live in!  If anybody can make that happen for me, you do know i would love you forever!

2- Go to as many Tigers Baseball games as i possibly can this summer.  I LIVE to go to baseball games during the summer!  It basically defines how i would love to spend my summer evenings.  Does anyone else LOVE going to games as much as i do??

4- Cause i LOVE food and i gave up chocolate and sweets for lent, i’ve been craving none other then Peanut M&M’s!  Did you see that coming??

5- Yet another foodie item that i’m OBSESSED with.  HUMMUS.  At most times i can’t get enough of the stuff, and you can dip it into just about anything.

6- I’ve been wanting for a while now a nice spring jacket, such as a trench coat!  My sister has been searching high and low for one too, and i’m hoping our search will come to an end sometime soon.  I haven’t really found one that i absolutely want so i’m not going to put a picture!

7- WARM WEATHER so i can RUN my heart out.  I’ve been running more then normal the past couple weeks because its been so nice outside, but i want it to the point where its nice everyday!!!

8- Speaking of running, i’m in total need of a new pair of running shoes!  If anybody wants me to test out some awesome brand new running shoe, send them my way!:)

I’m going to end this while i’m ahead, but i want to know whats on YOUR wish list!  I know we all have them, and sometimes we get everything we want and need, and others we don’t, but thats the fun part of having one because when you do get something from it, its like christmas all over again!

Have a FAB day!



7 Apr

  • Totally didn’t mean to say “death” the way i did.
  • I shower all the time i promise, just today i didn’t….so sue me! bhahaha



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