stacked up

21 Aug

Hola cutie pies!:) Rise and shine..

I didn’t sleep that well last night, and i have the worst headache in the world right now.  I’m going to try positive thinking like Tina today, hopefully it helps.

Lets talk about the rest of my day yesterday before we venture on to today.

Yesterday, as usual, i set out for my run.  Just 2 miles, so i wasn’t to worried about it.  It wasn’t that hott which really helped alot!  Sissy and i ran together but i made her leave the house about half a minute before me because i would rather run by myself and go at a pace that i’m comfortable with, then have to compete with her.  Do you like to run by yourself or with someone else? To my surprise i made it home quicker then last week! YAY!:) DSC02198

I must have downed 3 glasses of water literally right away without even breathing (yea that’s right i don’t breathe when drink…so talented) I didn’t get hungry for lunch very quick for some reason so i just relaxed a little.

long behold though, i couldn’t wait out for long.  I didn’t feel like a salad (GASP….did i just say that?) so i made a veggie snack plate with a side of apple.DSC02199

On the menu

crazy cut carrots (yea makes no sense) DSC02202

radiantly red peppersDSC02205

goodness green cucs! (oops i took a bite before i was finished making my plate) DSC02204


and a absolutely appealing appleDSC02206

as i was plating everything, i stacked it all UP!DSC02201 it was like a baby mountain (guess you could just call it a hill then right?) anyhoots. it was really good, and totally hit the spot! if only i had some hummus to go with it all, i know my girls K and Kailey would agree right?DSC02208

cleaned that plate right up homies!

haha.  After my hill (actually laughing after said that. wow so sad) i had to shower and get ready.DSC02209(i decided to wear this dress from Forever 21..i felt like i was in my pj’s…and yes i don’t have a head )

After gettin all dolled up (u kno thats how i do) the bro, momma and i cruised on ovea to Grandmas house (or as i like to call her Sithu, that’s grandma in Lebanese!)  Does anyone else have different names that they call their grandparents??

She had made a huggge azz amount of food.  Lebanese food is my all time favorite and thats what was on the menu.  Let me give ya the run down

  • chicken kabob
  • grape-leaves
  • salad
  • Kibbe
  • grilled veggies

ALL so wonderful and really hit the spot.  the only thing that i didn’t have was kibbie ( i will spare you all on what it is, unless you already do)

I wish i woulda had my camera, cause it was all really pretty:)

we had dessert as well..Sithu pulled out like 4o mill containers of ice cream.  I didn’t know we were going to 31 flavors! haha

We spent the rest of the night mingling and spending quality fam time together, which was really nice because that will probably be the last time for a while since all of us start school again real soon!  My little cousin leaves for Notre Dame today, (i’m gonna miss him a whole heck of a lot )

Wow………that was one recap huh?

Currently i’m just sippin on some coffee (only the first glass, 1 more to go) and i’m watchin regis (actually, The Doctors just finished, i wrote this about an hour ago) I just finished breakie too, just the norm, some cereal and watermelon (so juicy juicy)

today’s agenda isnt filled with much.

  • shopping with the bff prob (finally)
  • running 3.5 miles today (i’m totes not feelin it today for some reason)

so as you can tell i have not that much going on right now.

I hope everyone has a super awesome bomb diggity day!:) Smile beautiful’s we are all GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to “stacked up”

  1. ksgoodeats August 21, 2009 at 7:03 am #

    I like to run by myself because I don’t like when people try to make small talk with me while I’m huffin’ and puffin’ away!

    Veggies without hummus is like a PBJ without PB – just not right!!😉

    I love that dress! Lebanese food is delicious! Hope you have a great day!

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