while running after dark…..

22 Aug

Good MORNING Ladies!!!:) Its Friday! yay

i’m not gonna waste any time, and high tail it right to yesterday….

3.5 miles ended in this amount of timeDSC02232 Thought my time was going to be shorter, but overall i was really happy about this run.  Strongest one yet!:) No complaints comin from this girl!

during my run though, i came up with this list..

  1. i must purchase bug goggles, seeing as they were finding their way into my eyes.
  2. i should wear my glasses or get contacts, cause this diva couldn’t see a thang!
  3. people need to wear bright or reflective colored clothes so people can see one another
  4. i was able to clear my head and came home rejuvenated!:)

these are all pretty important! haha (them goggles are what are gonna make me millions. lol)

Remember those MEN (puppies) i was talkin about yesterday? I GOT THE PICTURES TO WORK YAY!!!!!

Mr. Pug whom i adore..isn’t he just precious?  When I saw him, i believe my heart melted.  Tina you will appreciate this! :)   Ah i love himpug


Mr. Beaglebeagle he was so adorable! So sweet and Innocent! Don’t you just wanna snatch him up and snuggle.  Uh i need him in my life, no wait, i need BOTH in my life A to the SAP!!!!

So glad i was able to finally share my men with you:)

Okay Dokay…onto some eats.  Last night i had a handful of babbay carrotsDSC02237 but remembered to snap the photo when there was just 1 left. woops.

I also munched on an apple DSC02239 Looks like its got some frecks on it tho! so cute! haha

This morning though, i had the norm.






DSC02242i will put it all in there…welllll except the coffee.

DSC02122i put it in this (repeaty pic sorry :()

can’t beat the combo babes! (cue the thumbs up)

Okay Dokay, Regis is back on from commercial and its time for me to enlighten my mind with more of his nonsense. tehe

Have a supa Friday morning all!!!! TGIF:)

2 Responses to “while running after dark…..”

  1. ksgoodeats August 22, 2009 at 5:03 am #

    You HAD to post the puppy pictures didn’t you?!😉 I want them right now!!

    Regis annoyed me today so I ended up watching Tori and Dean repeats. He was a little sassy this morning, you think?

    • Lizzy August 22, 2009 at 5:18 am #

      haha i did have to!!! i need to make another trip to partridge just to see them again!:)

      and yes regis was being way sassy this morning. uncalled for. hahah

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