mmm mmm winner dinner

27 Aug


I am happy to say this, but today i opted out of running.  I figured giving the knee a day of rest was in my greatest interest.  Don’t you think?  Plus tomorrow i’ll run, and it’ll make a great start to my BIRTHDAY!:)

I’ve been wracking my brain all day on how to use my crazy Craisins that i got in my goodies from Meghann.OceanSprayCraisinsgoogle pic😦 lol

  • salads (which i def know i’ll do)
  • cookies
  • oats perhaps.
  • heck i could just pop those babies right into my chomper for hecks sake right?

the possibilities are endless.  What are your fav things to put dried fruit in?

Around 6:15ish i decided to try another FiberFul bar that i got from TJ’s yesterdayDSC02437 Today Apple BlueberryDSC02438

Again i loved the consistency and thought it was chewy but it was a tad more hard then the apricot.  I totes got the tartness of the blueberry throughout the whole thing, but was def not tasting the apple.  I would have liked more apple though cause i love dried apples.  Maybe there’s an apple flavor on its own, otherwise i LOVED this one just as much as the apricot! (cue the thumbs up), anyone else notice how many times i said “apple” 3?!?! woops

Momma decided not to cook tonight, so that meant dinner was “fend for yourself night”  honestly i LOVE these nights cause i can have whateva a diva like!

Sissy and i decided on SUBWAY…..EAT FRESH!:) (Jared and i are totes on a first name basis) <————Jeals much? haha

I got me a 6incher wheat Veggilicious Delight! (they should take my idea an start calling it that)DSC02446

Look at all that goodness…DSC02443

thats what i call a MMMMM MMMMM WINNER DINNER!!!

it had what Subway likes to call “The Works” minus jalapeno peppers.  (Ms. Spice and i do not get along.!) with mustard and salt and pepper! (more please.!) you can see the apple and carrots i had with it too!!!! yummmay!

i also filled up my new water bottle and was drink a linkin out of it during dinner! I’m gonna love bringing this to school with me:)DSC02450

I’ve been watching FRIENDS on tbs for the past century and i’m about to continue this fad!

I’ll catch you in the morning babes!!!!:) nighty night

4 Responses to “mmm mmm winner dinner”

  1. bHealthier August 28, 2009 at 9:45 am #

    oh i watched friends on tbs during college too- my roomies and i watched together!
    craisins are sooooo tasty!

    • Lizzy August 28, 2009 at 10:13 am #

      i’m addicted to the show! its crazy! hahhaah

  2. Jenny August 28, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    best decision i eve made was buying the friends entire 1st season — i’m addicted❤

    • Lizzy August 28, 2009 at 10:12 am #

      Girl, i’m about to tell you something and you will probably jump a mile. i have ALL the seasons! GASP! ahhh lol. if you wanna borrow any let a girl know!!:)

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